"The best stand-ups can work any room. Late one Friday in front of a small and not-too-enthusiastic crowd, Danylo proved he belongs with the country's best. He can do anything: clever observational stuff, impressions, physical bits and even improv. His comic comparisons are without equal."
Glenn Sumi (NOW Magazine) • at The Laugh Resort 2005

"A crouching, slouching, hopping, stretching, strutting comic...a refreshing change..."
Henry Mietkiewicz (The Toronto Star) • at The Laugh Resort 1995

"His performance should be among the nominees at this year's Jessie Richardson Awards."
John Armstrong (The Vancouver Sun) • on A Perfect Ganesh 1997

"Roman Danylo kept things pumping with his manic energy and willingness to follow the wind wherever it blew."
Colin Thomas (The Georgia Straight) • on Pals 1996

"Comedian Roman Danylo is outstanding..."
Janet Smith (Westender) * on Star Trick - The Musical 1992

"Roman Danylo also assumes different guises, 20 in all, as he plays the various men in the ladies' lives from husbands to sons to servants. Danylo's TheatreSports grounding comes in handy as he quickly shifts from character to the next. He's particularly funny as a wise cracking airport ticket agent, rapidly pounding the keys of his computer and accomplishing little. Danylo also shines as the sick doctor/surrogate son the ladies encounter during their visit and whose disappearance in a crowd makes for a heart stopping first act finale."
Ted Townsend (Westender) • on A Perfect Ganesh 1997

"Danylo's mix of sketch and monologue hit the high mark in his portrayal of a pitifully lame hypnotist and a couch potato's confrontation with an embittered, prodigal sperm. He deconstructs the chicken and the road conundrum in erudite fashion, and manifests, in drag, a wonderfully deluded redhead with absolutely no justification for her relentless optimism. Now transplanted to Vancouver's improv community, Danylo is an agile talent worthy of a crowded house. Give him a romp."
Richard Helm (The Edmonton Journal) • on A Delightful Romp with Roman Danylo 1997

"Danylo is Fast and funny, often using members of the audience as foils. One bit has him delivering a sincere and heartfelt serious
monologue in the middle of his show. Only instead of telling the story itself, he describes the socko, show business manipulation that goes into milking an audience."
Colin Maclean (The Edmonton Sun) • on A Delightful Romp with Roman Danylo 1997

"Roman Danylo animates a squad of Western and Eastern characters with the fluidity of a Peter Sellers."
Randal Mcllroy (Uptown) • on "A Perfect Ganesh" (Winnipeg 1997)

"Roman Danylo's show is very funny, very smart, and engagingly performed... The improv at the end is among the best I've seen one a fringe stage. This show deserves to sell-out. He's a comic gem... One of my top ten picks of the Winnipeg fringe."
Robert Enright (CBC 24hrs) • On "A Delightful Romp" 1997

"Romp is an accurate word for this one man show, which features both improv and sketch comedy by Roman Danylo. In highly energetic fashion, Danylo delights... Danylo, who's normally a stand-up, really shines when it comes to improv. His quick wit is apparent as he invites audience members onstage to assist with bits."
John Baert (The Winnipeg Sun) • On "A Delightful Romp" 1997

"Five Stars...You can't help but laugh...Roman Danylo is a quick wit!"
John Lyons (The Winnipeg Free Press) • on "A Nude World Order" Fringe show 1993